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Cardio Training

These workouts aim to keep your heart pumping for a great sweat and weight loss.

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to maximize fat loss!

  • Indoor Cycling Training to keep your heart healthy!

Strength Training

These workouts focus on strength training while maintaining great form and technique.

  • Body weight training to build lean and long muscles!

  • Build strong muscles with hand held weight training!

Mind Body Training

These mindful workouts take on a slower pace to focus on movements from the inside out.

  • Pilates Mat workouts develop core strength incorporating the rest of the body to help functional every day movements.

  • Yoga workouts can focus on meditation, stretching techniques, and full body flowing sequences.

Mixed Training

These workouts blend some of your favorite types of classes into one.  

  • Strength and Cardio Intervals

  • Cycling and Strength Intervals

  • Pilates ane Cardio Intervals




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