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Get Greased: Spinal Articulation & Reformer
Sunday Jan 8th, 2023

This Vital Lab LIVE session on Sunday January 8th will include:

  • 60 minute Master Class with Danica Kalemdaroglu.

  • Spinal articulation feels so good and we all need it. We’ll get the spine moving it and find freedom in every joint. We’ll get started with mat work you can do anywhere and then take it to the Reformer for a deeper connection.

  • Equipment needed: A mat and any reformer.

  • This is a LAB experience! .  Let's get nerdy while having fun.  Lots of options for you to use right away.  And many more things for you to deeper your knowledge and think about!

  • PDF detailed handout will be available to you 24 hours prior to the event.  Handout will include exercise names, setup, any equipment used, and cool nuggets of information.  You can download the handout and it is yours forever!

  • 30 minute follow up Q&A with Danica.  Ask your burning questions on any of the movements we have covered and chat with your peers.

  • This is a LIVE event on Sunday Jan 8th, 9am PST / 12pm EST, but if you can't make it or want to watch it again -no problem!  You will receive a follow up email after the LIVE event within 2 hours with the recording of the session. 

  • Watch it as many times as you wish for the next 90 days!

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