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Sunday MAY 7th, 2023

Bob has 2 Questions for You to Consider?

1.    Are you comfortable, as Club & Studio Owners, as Studio Managers and as Pilates Coaches and/or Entrepreneurs, with your Q-1 Business Outcomes? and

2.    Are you comfortable that your businesses have successfully “pivoted” and executed your Post-COVID Business Strategies?

If your answer to these 2 questions is “YES”, Great! You Do Not Have to Attend Bob’s Webinar! 

However, if you are not satisfied, then you need to be with Bob on May 7th and find out why he’s known as the Green Thumb.

This Vital Lab LIVE session on Sunday May 7th will include:

  • 60 minute webinar with Bob Esquerre.  

  • Bob has grown small and large health & wellness facilities for decades.  He has a proven track record for success in revenue generation and staff up-leveling.  

  • This webinar is full of key tools to help you increase your personal revenue whether you work for yourself or within a studio/facility.  Start earning what you are worth without question. 

  • Learn how to generate referrals from clients.

  • Set quarterly goals for new customer onboarding process and more.  

  • PDF detailed handout will be available to you 24 hours prior to the event.  You can download the handout and it is yours forever!

  • 30 minute follow up Q&A with Bob.  Ask your burning questions on the topic at hand.

  • Join us LIVE on Sunday May 7th 9am PST / 12pm EST, or watch REPLAY anytime you want afterwards.  You will receive a follow up email after the LIVE event within 2 hours with the recording of the session.  Watch it as many times as you wish for the next 90 days!

BUSINESS ACCELERATOR WEBINAR Sunday MAY 7th, 2023 $42: Project
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