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Text Neck, Strain, & Neck Pain...Oh My!
Pro MasterClass
Sunday Oct 1st, 2023

Brian Richey

Owner & Operator of Fit 4 Life DC 

Medical Exercise Program Director through the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals (AAHFRP)

Medical Exercise Specialist through AAHFRP

This Vital Lab LIVE session will include:

  • 60 minute master class with Brian Richey.

  • Over the last number of years our clients are doing a lot more sitting in front of their computers and using their cell phones. Zooming, texting and social media has expanded our world but also led us to moving less…and that has led to issues like Cervical strain aka. Text Neck and poor posture. Learn the essential strategies to reverse this condition, reduce neck pain and create better posture at the same time.

  • Do a deep dive into the anatomy and biomechanics of the cervical spine.  Learn how to assess the body both statically and in movement  Learn the essential exercises and strategies that will help your client achieve better posture and less pain.

  • PDF detailed handout will be available to you 24 hours prior to the event.  You can download the handout and it is yours forever!

  • 30 minute follow up Q&A with Brian.  Ask your burning questions on the topic at hand.

  • Join us LIVE on Sunday October 1st 9am PST / 12pm EST, or watch REPLAY anytime you want afterwards.  You will receive a follow up email after the LIVE event within 2 hours with the recording of the session.  Watch it as many times as you wish for the next 90 days! 

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